What does this website do?

Publius is an interactive voter guide for Michigan voters.  It custom builds a sample ballot for you that only contains the  races you will face at the polls.

What about my privacy?

Publius uses avaible public records.  It displays polling locations, not personal addresses.  The website does not collect information, it references information that already exists in the voter database. In nearly 15 years of operation, Publius has not captured information about voters that use this service.

Why should I put in my name?

You shouldn’t – if you are uncomfortable.  Publius uses the public database of registered voters find your polling location and build your sample ballot.  A voter search is more accurate than an address  search because it can tell you EXACTLY where you vote.  An address search can only tell you where a polling location is near the address you entered.  What if you are not absolutely sure what address the state has on file for you and you enter the wrong address? 

If you do chose to input your name, after the voter record search you will be facing a fully interactive sample ballot full of videos and websites and candidate surveys.  Everything you need to prepare to vote and make an informed decision all in one place.